Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dog Sweaters: Tips for choosing them and why your pet needs a sweater or coat

Dog sweaters or coats are an important item that every pet owner should consider choosing for their furry friends. Maybe it’s because we humans grow up with skin while our dogs are born with fur, that many think a dog is always warm enough and can easily withstand any climate, temperature or
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weather change. That simply isn’t the truth. Dogs need appropriate clothing to remain safe and comfortable during various weather changes and climates. If a dog is going to be exposed to harsh, cold, freezing or wet climates, then he or she needs a dog sweater or coat. You may also find your pet benefits greatly from wearing dog shoes.

At first thought, a dog sweater or dog coat may seem an item chosen specifically because it looks cute. The practical side of choosing pet clothes is often overlooked. Dogs get cold, just like humans do. While they do have fur coats, it’s not enough to keep them warm in many weather conditions. Some people choose to leave dogs outside during the winter, failing to realize that their dogs are freezing. A dog house is not enough to keep a dog warm, cozy and comfortable during the winter. Many dogs will become cold and uncomfortable while just going outside for a brief walk, let alone staying outside for hours. Dog sweaters come in many different styles, fabrics, colors and thicknesses. Some are thin and lightweight, while others are heavy and thick. You can find holiday dog sweaters to ensure your dog is dressed for the festivities, or choose them based upon practical purposes. There’s no question about it; when it comes to choosing dog sweaters, dog coats and dog jackets, you’ll find that there are plenty of options available to pick.

When choosing dog sweaters, you’ll want to know what the sweater is made out of, if it will feel comfortable on your dog and how often the dog will wear it. If you are choosing dog sweaters for novelty purposes, such as making sure your dog is dressed up for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you won’t need to select a sweater that is suitable for outdoor wear. If your dog will need to wear a sweater while going out for long walks during winter, you will want to ensure it is durable. Some pet owners who keep their dogs outside will want to choose dog coats that are warm enough to protect dogs during the cold hours of the night.

Other situations that would require a dog wearing a coat is if you take your pet for walks during rainy weather. While adults often put on boots, a raincoat and carry an umbrella, dogs are often left at the mercy of the elements. Choosing a waterproof rain coat is an excellent way to keep your dog dry, safe and healthy no matter how much it’s raining. You can also get boots for your dog that will keep his or her feet dry. Those who take their dogs for nightly walks might find that a dog sweater, dog coat or dog jacket that has a reflective stripe or patch will help ensure others can easily see or view your dog. Making sure your dog has the proper gear for the weather is an important part of being a responsible dog owner.

There are different ways to get dog sweaters and jackets. You can find patterns to crochet or knit them, sewing patterns to make your own, or you can purchase them premade. One of the best places to get dog sweaters is Amazon. Amazon often has sales and deals running so you can find them at great discount prices. If you are looking for high quality, cheap dog sweaters, coats and jackets check out the selection at Amazon.

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