Thursday, September 24, 2015

Video: Adorable squirrel steals milkshake, opens it and drinks it down

Squirrel steals milkshake: Screengrab
The other day we watched a viral video of "pizza rat" who stole a slice a pizza and carried it down a NY subway stairs. Today's video is of an adorable squirrel who seems to have a taste for chocolate milkshakes. The  video starts with the squirrel rummaging through a New York City garbage can and gasping onto a "Shake Shack" milkshake cup that had just been discarded.

The entire incident was caught on tape and you can hear voices in the background from those who were shocked and amazed that the squirrel seemed to knowingly understand what would be inside the cup. You can watch the squirrel take the milkshake to the other side of a fence, lift off the lid, and stick it's nose inside and drink the contents.

The video brings up some good questions about wildlife. Who would ever imagine that rats could become pizza connoisseurs or that squirrels could acquire a taste for chocolate milkshakes. What's next, Starbucks pigeons? How about the amount of grease, sugar and even caffeine that is in human foods? Will these ingredients wreak havoc on wildlife? Are we soon to witness obese rats and squirrels who are on the side of the road in a diabetic coma after satisfying their addictions to sweetened beverages?

It would have been great to see how the squirrel behaved for the next few hours following the sugar surge; but it seems apparent the squirrel knew what would be in that cup and had tasted sugary beverages before.

What do you think about the new influx of wildlife videos showing creatures indulging in human food?

Viral Video: Squirrel Steals Milkshake