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My Cat from Hell

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My Cat from Hell
GenreReality television
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes11
Running time43 minutes
Original channelAnimal Planet
Original runMay 14, 2011 – present
My Cat from Hell is a reality television program produced by 3 Ball Productions for Animal Planet that premiered in May 2011 and is currently running. It stars Jackson Galaxy, a cat behavior specialist who visits the homes of cat owners—usually couples—in order to resolve conflicts between either the human owners and their cats or between multiple animals.




Jackson Galaxy believes that he can help any problem cat. Jackson teaches that cats are territorial and need spaces of their own. Cats send signals when they no longer desire petting, a condition he refers to as "overstimulation". Cats do not like being cornered, and lash out when overstimulated. He teaches that there are correct and incorrect ways to pick up a cat. Certain cats (whom he calls "tree-dwelling cats") behave better when they have access to above-ground perches, and he often instructs owners of such cats to install an above-the-floor walkway with no dead ends. Some cats need exercise to release excess energy in a positive way; toys and play with owners are outlets Jackson encourages.
In multi-animal situations, Jackson creates barriers in homes to divide space into areas which the animals can claim as places of their own. He slowly introduces the cat to the other animals in positive situations (such as a feeding).


Neil Genzlinger of the New York Times wrote, "Mr. Galaxy—yes, it feels ridiculous writing that—looks like a Hells Angel, but his love and respect for cats seems genuine, and his advice appears actually to help the clients, most of whom are couples whose crazed pets are affecting their relationships."[1] Brad Wete of Entertainment Weekly commented, "Galaxy offers useful tips, even if your animal’s not nuts."[2]


[edit]Season one

1.1"He Hates My Boyfriend"May 7, 2011
An aggressive and unpredictable cat aptly named Bear takes his toll on owner Hannah's love life. Will Hannah chose to keep her boyfriend or her cat? Recently engaged Matt loves fiancee Amanda but hates her cats and has reached his breaking point. 
1.2"Fifi's Ruining My Love Life"May 14, 2011
Sean cozies up to pet scorpions, snakes, tarantulas and fiance Lindsey at home but can't deal with Avery the rambunctious sphynx cat.; From the moment Leslie moved into her boyfriend David's home, Fifi the cat has made it clear she's not welcome. 
1.3"Wildcat!"May 21, 2011

[edit]Season two

2.1"Terrorizing my clients"January 7, 2012
A female cat named Larry with disturbing bouts of aggression threatens to keep Josh and Tara from getting married. Heather and Alan's cat Ruby ruins their in-home Pilates studio and threatens their livelihood with her sudden fits of aggression. 
2.2"Mad Max"January 14, 2012
A Bengal cat named City with jungle energy is disrupting the peace between girlfriends Shanna and Lori. Ned and Kellee's cat, Mad Max, sneaks into their neighbor's apartment, and is too dangerous to be around their soon-to-be-born baby. 
2.3"On the War Path"January 21, 2012
A vicious cat named Kleo attacks Tim's cats, keeping him from proposing to his girlfriend, Brooklyn. War veteran Bobby and his girlfriend In-Hae deal with Marco, a cat that reacts violently towards their tiny dog, Yuki. 
2.4"Pissed Off!"January 28, 2012
A vicious cat named Stella prevents Rob and Stephanie from adding a baby to their family. Jessica's cat, Mr. Fluff, chases her and her boyfriend Cameron around the house, scratching up everything in sight. 
2.5"Cat Fight!"February 4, 2012
A cat named Penny Lane hates her owner's roommate; Roxy and Max are two cats that begin to attack each other after they move into a new home. 
2.6"Spitting Mad"February 18, 2012
Two warring Sphynxes, Mathilde and Black Rose are constantly keeping their owners, Steve and Dierdre up at night. Travis and Dorothy fear that their temperamental cat Polly may and could attack toddler son Rex. 

[edit]Season three

3.1"Cat Fight! (2)"June 30, 2012
Jackson heads across the U.S. to help two NYC couples with their agressive cats: Mufasa, a silver Bengal has been constantly jumping and attacking Susanne, while boyfriend Justin takes it lightly. A uber-cramped apartment for engaged couple Mike and Emilie have become wargrounds for Olive who constantly attacks Pepper daily, forcing the couple instead of enjoying what will be their life together, to sleep in separate rooms at any sign of a fight between the two cats. 
3.2"My Cat or My Family"July 7, 2012
Xena has been on a tear with Jen's family and house for the last several months, going into random screaming and hissing fits which have also left Jen, dad Mike and five-year-old son Chris scratched up and the latter even scared to go in his room. Gigi has taken such an adversion to new kitten Suki so much that Brit journalists Julie and Nick fear that her aggression may lead to the latter getting killed. 
3.3"Kitty Dearest"July 14, 2012
Best friends Travis and Diane are struggling to co-parent Oscar the Sphynx peacefully together, as he lashes out at Diane whenever she picks him up, urinates everywhere but his litterbox and disturbs Travis in his at-home office by constantly yowling at night. Vet Tech Esther and musician hubby Vincent are at ends with rescue tabby Riley who repeatedly lashes out whenever hands are outstretched. 
3.4"Kitty Jail"July 21, 2012
3.5"Roscoe The Menace"July 28, 2012
3.6"Cat Escape!"August 4, 2012
Michael and Khrys have an escape artist in their home in unneutered Russian Blue Kitty, who also marks all over the house. Addie, a 8 year old Tabby, repeatedly swaps and scratches whoever comes near her, specifically in her cat tree, be it either owners Don and Joy or anyone else entering the house. Behavior, Joy drectly fingers blame on more canine-centric hubby Don,who roughhouses while playing with her, as like with a dog 

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